Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First time blogger

Curious....As I search for the word "Blog", I am fascinated by what had followed. A world full of bloggers, people writing about their lives, online journal, where the hell was I when this all started? Well I guess I must get with it. I started a blog account and ofcourse still not certain about how it all works...more research to come. I was intrigued by the many writers out there...mainly on the mommies and daddy (matt logelin) out there. I was inspired to start this, so thanks.
To introduce myself, My name is Gerri Domingo, a full time airline employee and mother to an 18month girl, Danica Rei. As a first time mom, I find myself to be an over protective mother, I'm sure all mothers and fathers can relate. My husband and I try to balance our work life and daughter every single day, which can be hard...I know I should be thankful i'm not alone.
Recently, my daughter was diagnosed with Asthma, and admitted into the hospital. Fortunately, she is doing better, happy as ever, carefree child of mine. We definetly are blessed.