Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday May 13th, 2009

It all started with my Sunshine Rei and I waking early in the morning, 6:58am~too early. Danica Rei was all but smiles and laughter, Sunshine Rei. On my days off we just sit in bed for just a while and watch her cartoons, Imagination Movers and The Wiggles. We snuggled and I was able to kiss on her neck.
She had a doctors appointment today. She's been dealing with this sensitive spot on her chin. Teething, has her drooling and the moisture just make that cute chin of hers raw. It got infected so she has to be on antibiotics and a steroid cream. Hopefully, this will all pass.
Today is her daddy's birthday. No pictures and no celebration. Just awful. We are saving the celebration for the weekend. I sang happy birthday to her daddy, and she clapped along saying Daddy, daddy, daddy.
In all it has been a wonderful Wednesday.
Tomorrow it's back to routine, another long week ahead of us. I remember when I used to take long showers. I remember when I used to sleep in or go to bed late. No routine whatsoever, Now things have to be done in routine....timing is everything now. Life has changed and I must say, I love the fact that it has. I walk around with a bundle of joy trailing right behind me, or most time attached to my hip.She is my Sunshine Rei (ray).