Monday, June 22, 2009

Words, Bubbles, Mozart and Eww.

Could you believe Danica is 20month old. What has she been up to? a world full of words,being mischievous. In all just being full of life.


Danica can say ...sit, please, ball, manny, dog, daddy, mommy. You would be impressed she could say a few Chamorro words like, maigo(sleep), boka(eat). The cutest word by far is No and Dunno (don't know). Everything is "NO" and "Dunno" for example.

Danica say hi to Mamaw...she replies "NO".

Danica do you love mommy? she replies "dunno"

Danica where's your mommy? she replies "dunno"

Danica come here. She replies "No".

soon, she will be speaking in sentences. Oh my, I'm thrilled yet I will miss those little baby coo's and babbles. I know she is growing. Amazing, my baby is growing up:(

What has Danica been up to?

Today we went to Chuckee Cheese and my daughter was playing a game. A little girl about the same age as her, walked right up to Danica and took the game piece out of her hand, you should of seen Danica's face, angered by what the little girl did, she fussed and took what was hers and hit the little girl over the head with it. Ouch. Danica was mad but turned away and continued playing her game. Then she went to the slide. As she prepared to slide down another little girl her age was behind her, kicking Danica to slide down. Danica slid down and wanted to slide again, so she climb the few steps up to the slide and then again this little girl was behind her, again kicking her. Danica just slid down and repeated the steps all over again, again this little girl kept kicking her, it wasn't a hard kick if so I would of said something. Danica this time got pissed off, as she sat down to slide down she grabbed the little girls leg and took her down the slide with her. Goodness, Danica sure takes after her dad:) don't mess with her because she will defend herself.

Bubble time. Oh she loved chasing the bubbles. She even said "bubbles".

She also is a Mozart in the making.

with all the little Mozarts, Danica, Isa, and Daven.

Now for the Eww

Brace yourselves my dear readers. Recently, Danica has been streaking around the house, running around butt naked. She has learned, on her own, to take her clothes off, including the diaper. This evening, after dinner, I settled down and watched a little television. Danica was within my sight. Then, she came running around the corner butt naked, laughing. I thought to myself, "great here she goes again". I ran after her and placed a diaper on her. All was indeed good. She sat quietly while I talked on the phone with my cousin Dita. At the corner of my eye I saw her walk away, things were okay, so I thought. Next thing I hear is "EWW, Stinky". I jumped up and casually walked towards her. There I saw it. Stinky, had taken her diaper off and made a wonderful mural on the wall...A POOPY mural! What a great way to end the evening. Mommy had to clean her poopy daughter and her poopy mess.