Thursday, April 23, 2009

Time out!

(my teary eyed baby)

Oh my, Time out! I'm still in disbelief that my 18month old, who is seemingly Angelic, has to be placed on time out and how she understands the concept of it, amazes me. Sure, little ones are to show defiance, yet to think that somebody so young in age needs this kind of discipline surprises me. Danica sure has been my little monkey on time out. What did my angelic child do to deserve such punishment? at breakfast she sat in her high chair, her food and water at reach. She had been playing with her food and started to spill, a little amount of water on the floor. I had told her not to do that and again, she spilled more water on the floor. It seemed like a game to her.Then, the cup of water was on the floor. Immediately I sent her to time out. While she cried and did her time, I quietly ate the rest of my food. I could hear the whimpering cry. After three long horrible minutes it was time for her to say sorry...she walked towards me, teary eyed little one, with her arm reaching out for momma. I picked her up and she nestled on my shoulder whimpering, I comforted her.
I ask myself, does she really need this kind of discipline at such a young age? To answer my own question, of course she needs time out, I don't want her thinking she can get away with things. Goodness there are other kids out there that DO take have control over their parents...young little kids who have control over their parents and do they get away with a lot of crap. I won't tolerate that if my child becomes one of them. It's best to instill time out for all the right reasons and hopefully my Angelic little girl will be just that, Angelic...and here she stands on time out.