Sunday, May 24, 2009

A day trip to Houston

G. L. A. M. O. R. O. U. S...(glamorous) Flying first class up in the sky...
My Sunshine Rei and I flew first class to Houston, a whole thirty seven minute flight from our home in San Antonio...not a big deal.

Yes, we sat in first class, the lovely perks of working in the airline industry. My worries, Danica wasn't going to behave well. Surprisingly, she knocked out for the duration of the flight the whole thirty seven minute flight.

Once we landed super mom had Danica in a hip hammock, hanging freely from my hip, a full diaper bag on one shoulder and the car seat in my hand, wish i had taken a picture of myself. Trotting down the terminal to meet our Chauffeur, nephew Mikey, I thought to myself, "what are you doing wearing heels?" We hopped into the car and we were on our way to see the family.

Rehanna was awake to greet us. Danica and Hanna played til Ryland, the littliest terror woke up. That little terror nephew of mine was so aggressive with his cousin Danica. She kept running away from him. It was just so cute.
As we prepared the food for the party the kids played. My sunshine and her cousin, the little terror Ryland played together nicely, when they play together one ends up crying.

Afterwards, they knocked out.

Then, somebody ugly came to check on them. Ugly, is my baby brother Roland. Danica will refer to him as "uncle monster".

Back to the food, my nephew Mikey made some of this...

spicy sushi. was ONO. More at the table, pogogi short ribs, red rice and more. I love Island cooking. It fills me up. Danica loves Chamorro and Asian cuisine. Especially chamorro red rice.

The rain rolled in at the cooks got rained out.

Inside we stayed, to sing happy birthday to Rehanna, and took family photo's.

Our day trip was now coming to an end.

On the aircraft we got a whole row to ourselves...
the three of us each had a seat.
First sunshine Rei had to inspect the aircraft...checking the windows...look at those curls. she made sure her baby Simone Raina(cabbage patch doll) was securely fastened. The three of us each had a seat...Mommy, sunshine Rei and Simone all had a seat.
As you can see, we enjoyed our day, and our flight home. Danica and her baby Simone were well behaved on the plane.

Remember, in the beginning of this post...I wondered why I was wearing heels...My legs are aching the day after. hehe.

To hear Rehanna's Blurbs, read my post following this.
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Rehanna's blurbs and pictures.

mikey is a mush...

Mikey is not her favorite cousin.

singing "happy birthday."

question for Hanna and Mikey is not her favorite cousin.

Hanna's fourth b-day...she's so cute and the funniest things come out of her mouth.
I'm sure the family will laugh. She has a signature pose when it comes to taking pictures....

The little terror Ryland, her baby brother is this short, fat, curly head boy...

who made his big sister cry on her birthday.