Friday, May 8, 2009

Salutation to my mom, Rosario

I won't send my mother a card for Mothers Day. For the simple fact that I'm not good at putting a postage stamp on the envelope and getting it off in the mail so that she can receive it on that special day, Mothers Day. I do write this as a tribute to my mother. I only hope that when she reads this, she laughs a little and be touched of what she is about to read.

Dear Mom,
There is no need to send you a Mothers Day card, only because it will remain in between the pages of a book, or it will remain in the glove compartment of my car. Any idea of who I get this from, yes mom, YOU:)

Dear Mom,
I never knew the importance of a parent, til I became one. I now understand how much you love me. The many times you sat by me, in the emergency room because of my heart condition and asthma, I now know how your heart ached seeing me there on a hospital bed. I now know what it feels like to be a helpless parent, watching your child endure immeasurable pain.

Dear Mom,
I now know, tough love is REAL LOVE. I once knew of a "problem child" who gave her parents grief. She skipped school continuously and her mother decided to see that her child made it to every class. If it meant going to school with her and sitting with her in every class, she did exactly that. She even sat with her "problem child" in detention. What mother would do such a thing....YOU. That's true and yet tough love.

Dear Mom,
I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for yours and daddy's tough discipline and love, oh how I wish I could go back in time to erase my mistakes and be a better daughter to you and daddy. To make you laugh...of all six children, I had to take the demon seed from each of them. You have five good kids and one problem child, and the problem child had to be me. I am so sorry for breaking your heart.

Dear Mom
I am now a Mother, a mother who now understands everything you've done for me. As a mother, I now understand how much you love me. I love you Mom and Happy Mothers Day.

I miss you.

Danica's video montage

Here are a few video clips of our daughter. I'm sure family and friends will enjoy these....her first video she is titled "cheeese"

here's one as she talks to her daddy on the phone. He stands outside.

and this is my child being crazy.

There are so many video clips that I would like to post but as of right now i will let you enjoy just a few.