Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New clothes and New hairdo

The air conditioning in my car is just great. Finally, I know what it feels like to stay cool in your own car in this Texas heat. Once again, thank you Mr. Mechanic.

I started the day early. My sunshine Rei and I went to spend some money on some new dresses for her. Then, this mom was due for a haircut. It has been hard to find the time to get it done and who would watch Danica when I got my hair done. I decided on calling Melissa, a friend from Guam, who lives out here in Texas and we both work at the airport. We drove to her house and settled in her monster mommy van and headed off to Wally world. There she was able to take her kids and my only child around the store while I got made up with a new hairdo. I thought of Jennifer from It's a Beauty Filled Life. She should of been sitting next to me. We would of had great chats about our kids and laughed at everything they are going through, the milestones and mischievousness that they may have. She would be here next to me getting her "melancholy mommy hair" taken cared of.
New hairdo, short and sassy, I love it! it's something I have never done...short.