Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 25th - April 30th

What an eventful week. A week filled with nothing but fun. Danica got bangs trimmed for the first time. How adorable she is.

She got to go to Chuckee Cheese. She enjoyed her time sitting right beside Chuckee Cheese. She enjoyed being part of the game. She climbs on everything. She sat next to Cristian and did not enjoy the ride she was on.

Then came all the concern on swine flu . Mike and I decided to take extra measures, being sure that Danica is not exposed to the, we decided the best thing for her is to lock her up

just kidding, there is no way in hell we would do such a thing. She was free to roam the apartment grounds, play in the dirt and run around for a bit. Afterwards, it was back to her cell.again, i'm only joking. Though, she expressed signs of cabin fever, she was indeed fine. She was my little helper. Helping her mom put away the dishes.and helping me with the clothes. She loves to help out.
The wonderful blessing, a child to care and love is everything AMAZING. The journey as a parent is only the beginning to many BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS TO CHERISH FOREVER.