Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thank you Mr Mechanic.

June is here and schools are out for the summer. All this means for me(the airline employee) are full flights, many unaccompanied minors and the cat claws coming from every direction, from the customers to co-workers, this will be another long summer.

News on my no air conditioned all this will change.
For about two years I have been driving my car with no air conditioning. Some times I can deal with the heat. After all, I am from the island of Guam, which is 3miles away from the equator. For some reason, there are times when Texas heat does get to me, it can be 100 degrees hot here.
My dear friend from Guam, Bob is replacing my compressor. Thank you Mr. Mechanic. I hope to take long drives around town now. No more
9am - 12pm errands, to beat the high temps. I can now, sleep in, enjoy a soap opera and then head out with my sunshine Rei. Once again, thank you Mr. Mechanic Galarpe.
Summer,of "Loving Each Day" I will be stopping by so our precious little ones can play.