Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ma maw and mommy's little girl.

Today my Danica Rei is 22months old. What a joy she is. She has added more words to her vocabulary. I just enjoy hearing her speak. Especially when she tells me "no mom, I go outside".

We have been a busy family, the three of us. Mike's keeping up with his grueling schedule and making sure he spends time with his little love bug. I manage to do the same, though my work schedule is not so grueling like his. Danica keeps us on our toes, what else can we ask of our happy 22 month old?

Danica and I flew to Louisville Kentucky on Tuesday July 28th, and I have to say it was an awful flight because of a nasty, mean flight attendant. I shall not say more because it's against company policy to blog about your job, in detail. It was the trip from hell (Houston to Louisville). Uncle TJ picked us up and we drove two hours to Evansville,Indiana. Danica didn't mind the drive at all. She sat comfortably in her seat and fell asleep, she needed it.

We arrived at Ma maw's front door, and Danica was so excited to see her Ma maw. The smile on Danica's face was priceless. Danica was running back and forth through the house and playing with Ma maw's printer. Danica got a kick out of it.

We made our way to Dinner, Ma maw and Danica sat in the back and enjoyed each others company. Danica was talking to her Ma maw throughout the drive. Amazingly at dinner, in a restaurant my daughter was well behaved. I was very proud of her. We finished our dinner and Danica and I made our way out. Once we were out the doors, she stopped and looked up at me, with a concerned look on her face, said "Ma maw, my Ma maw?", pointing to the closed door, she headed back, first looking through the glass doors, then reaching with both hands onto the handles and pulling herself up...screaming "MAAA MAW!" I could not believe what she was doing. This would of been a great picture but I grabbed the camera out to late. We headed to the pond near the restaurant and Danica and Ma maw fed the ducks. Our 21 month old was truly enjoying every moment with Ma maw.

That night Danica explored the house and found Ma maw's ceiling fan to be exciting. I love this video clip.

She got to meet Uncle Jeff, ma maw's brother and enjoyed bubble time together.

Ma maw and Great Uncle Jeff got the share "jump time" with Danica.

Uncle Tj, Uncle James and Billie got to hang out with Danica for a little bit.

We ate at Red Lobster and my love bug and I got the chance to have our pictures taken together.

Our last night in Evansville, Danica got to play with her bubbles. She really loves bubbles.

The next morning, as we prepared for our two hour drive to Louisville Kentucky, Danica our 22 month old child decided that she was 18 years old and hopped into the driver seat.

I'm sure Ma maw enjoyed having Danica around as her belated birthday gift.
I spent my birthday with my well behaved traveling partner, we got home late due to weather delays. Regardless of how late it was Danica sure was a trooper when it came to traveling with her mom.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


It's been a while since my last entry. What's going with Danica Rei? Well she is growing and soon, three months to be exact she will be two. YAY! I do try to keep the family updated but for some reason this mommy is starting to get tired FAST.
Our daughter keeps me going. She has hit her terrible two's too early. No matter how feisty she is sometimes I think it's adorable. To hear her get mad and throw those temper tantrums. I love it when she tells me "NO". How do you get mad at this cutie pie? she sure does have this mommy wrapped around her finger.

We celebrated July 4th with the Guzman family and a few friends. It was a late celebration. I had worked til 6pm that day and when I got home I just wanted to cool off. The heat out here is unbearable. We arrived poolside at 7:30pm and partied til midnight. Danica was in and out of the pool. She enjoyed her 4th of July celebration.
here are some pics of that day...ENJOY

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Funny Sunshine Rei.

The other night Danica did the funniest thing I've ever seen from a toddler.

We were eating dinner as a family. Mike had just finished eating and left a hot pepper on his plate. Danica wanted to eat it. Mike and I both said "NO, hot". She pulled the plate near her and started to blow on the pepper and then looked at me and said "no hot, mommy". awww. Normally she is blowing her steamed rice to cool it down. So, she thought if she blew on the hot pepper it would cool down. Too cute.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Love Letters"

On the day that I found out I was pregnant, I rushed to a store to pick up a journal. I recorded the many ups and downs of my pregnancy. This journal soon turned into "Love Letters" for Danica. Letters to let her know how much love mommy has for her. Letters to let her know when daddy pissed off mommy. Letters that let her know how much I think about her. Wonderful memories at every age, every milestone or just letters from when I felt it was time to write to my little sunshine Rei.

Have you ever watched "A Walk to Remember"? well, her mother left her a book/journal of famous quotes, poems, and letters. I believe it is important to do something like for your child/children. I know, first hand, it may be a hard task due to time constraints, but when you have the time, write your child a letter let him/her know how much you care. Write about anything & everything. I feel that once I leave this world, Danica would be left with my words and she can embrace knowing that I have always thought about her.

This journal of "Love Letters" is so important to me. Last year August when we moved, I couldn't find my journal, I cried for days, three days to be exact. Nothing in that journal could be replaced. All my thoughts, Danica will never know what it was like tocarry her in my tummy. I was devastated and furious at my husband. I had thought he threw it away. The day I found it, I jumped with joy and I was relieved to know it was kept in a safe place.

The other day, I perused through my journal, and laughed and cried and cried again. All so meaningful to me and hopefully one day Danica will laugh and cry at all the things her mommy has written to her and of her.

It is now time to go out and find another journal.

more on Love Letters to be posted at another time.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Words, Bubbles, Mozart and Eww.

Could you believe Danica is 20month old. What has she been up to? a world full of words,being mischievous. In all just being full of life.


Danica can say ...sit, please, ball, manny, dog, daddy, mommy. You would be impressed she could say a few Chamorro words like, maigo(sleep), boka(eat). The cutest word by far is No and Dunno (don't know). Everything is "NO" and "Dunno" for example.

Danica say hi to Mamaw...she replies "NO".

Danica do you love mommy? she replies "dunno"

Danica where's your mommy? she replies "dunno"

Danica come here. She replies "No".

soon, she will be speaking in sentences. Oh my, I'm thrilled yet I will miss those little baby coo's and babbles. I know she is growing. Amazing, my baby is growing up:(

What has Danica been up to?

Today we went to Chuckee Cheese and my daughter was playing a game. A little girl about the same age as her, walked right up to Danica and took the game piece out of her hand, you should of seen Danica's face, angered by what the little girl did, she fussed and took what was hers and hit the little girl over the head with it. Ouch. Danica was mad but turned away and continued playing her game. Then she went to the slide. As she prepared to slide down another little girl her age was behind her, kicking Danica to slide down. Danica slid down and wanted to slide again, so she climb the few steps up to the slide and then again this little girl was behind her, again kicking her. Danica just slid down and repeated the steps all over again, again this little girl kept kicking her, it wasn't a hard kick if so I would of said something. Danica this time got pissed off, as she sat down to slide down she grabbed the little girls leg and took her down the slide with her. Goodness, Danica sure takes after her dad:) don't mess with her because she will defend herself.

Bubble time. Oh she loved chasing the bubbles. She even said "bubbles".

She also is a Mozart in the making.

with all the little Mozarts, Danica, Isa, and Daven.

Now for the Eww

Brace yourselves my dear readers. Recently, Danica has been streaking around the house, running around butt naked. She has learned, on her own, to take her clothes off, including the diaper. This evening, after dinner, I settled down and watched a little television. Danica was within my sight. Then, she came running around the corner butt naked, laughing. I thought to myself, "great here she goes again". I ran after her and placed a diaper on her. All was indeed good. She sat quietly while I talked on the phone with my cousin Dita. At the corner of my eye I saw her walk away, things were okay, so I thought. Next thing I hear is "EWW, Stinky". I jumped up and casually walked towards her. There I saw it. Stinky, had taken her diaper off and made a wonderful mural on the wall...A POOPY mural! What a great way to end the evening. Mommy had to clean her poopy daughter and her poopy mess.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Dad, Ricardo M. Guzman

Today is Fathers Day, not really. On the island of Guam my dad's special day was yesterday, which makes me a day late. Oh well, I'm sure he can forgive his FAVORITE DAUGHTER, for being a day late. Really, dad if you think about it, here in the "mainland" it's Fathers Day too.

So, here is my Salutation to my wonderful Father.

Dear Dad,
You are an absolute wonderful DAD. I remember the wonderful times we shared as a family. Here is what I remember as a ten year old INNOCENT girl.
*The famous Island of Guam power outages ~ we all sat around with the kerosene lanterns and would play spades or twenty one. You would pass your quarters to Roland and me when we ran out, from losing to the older siblings:)

*You bought batteries so we could listen to the radio and during the famous power outages, you taught me how to dance the waltz. "Step on my feet and I'll show you". Every time I find myself doing the Waltz, I think of you daddy.

*One morning after you and mom came home from the flea market you woke Roland and me up with a surprise. A puppy licking our faces. That was such a wonderful gift.

*I remember me, the innocent one, giving my daddy kisses right before I went to sleep.

Dear Dad,
What ever happened to that innocent child who use to give you kisses right before she went to sleep. I wonder. As I got older I know I caused you and mom grief. I wish I could take it all back and be that perfect daughter. Though, through your tough love I am here, doing fine and living well. I am strong because of you.

Dear Dad,
All the memories on the ranch. The corn fields the mango trees and harvesting for dago every weekend was indeed torture to me. Now, as I look back, it was definitely my finest times. Once I moved on my own, I remember having to shop for my own groceries. Dad the prices for banana's, corn all the stuff I wanted to eat, I had to pay for. I was upset because if I was home all I'd do was go outside and pick all the good stuff we had on the ranch. I definitely appreciate everything I am missing back home.
Working for the airlines I would hear people around me "I wish I lived on a Paradise Island". I would always tell people, my yard, my home on Guam is Paradise. Soon I was showing off pictures of your paradise fortress and people would say how lucky I was. Man, they were right. Growing up I always took things for granted and now I appreciate it all. You gave us such a beautiful environment to grow up in, I just wish I appreciated more back then.

Dear Dad,
I know things are hard since you've fell ill. You're not the strong man you use to be. You're not able to walk out into your paradise and work on your flowers like you use to. I know it saddens you but remember to keep your stubborn spirit alive. I miss and love you my dear strict daddy.

I know I owe you money, but like I said, Mom owes you more:)

Happy Father's Day to the best Dad there is, YOU!

Your granddaughter Danica has a grandpa salute to you...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New clothes and New hairdo

The air conditioning in my car is just great. Finally, I know what it feels like to stay cool in your own car in this Texas heat. Once again, thank you Mr. Mechanic.

I started the day early. My sunshine Rei and I went to spend some money on some new dresses for her. Then, this mom was due for a haircut. It has been hard to find the time to get it done and who would watch Danica when I got my hair done. I decided on calling Melissa, a friend from Guam, who lives out here in Texas and we both work at the airport. We drove to her house and settled in her monster mommy van and headed off to Wally world. There she was able to take her kids and my only child around the store while I got made up with a new hairdo. I thought of Jennifer from It's a Beauty Filled Life. She should of been sitting next to me. We would of had great chats about our kids and laughed at everything they are going through, the milestones and mischievousness that they may have. She would be here next to me getting her "melancholy mommy hair" taken cared of.
New hairdo, short and sassy, I love it! it's something I have never done...short.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thank you Mr Mechanic.

June is here and schools are out for the summer. All this means for me(the airline employee) are full flights, many unaccompanied minors and the cat claws coming from every direction, from the customers to co-workers, this will be another long summer.

News on my no air conditioned all this will change.
For about two years I have been driving my car with no air conditioning. Some times I can deal with the heat. After all, I am from the island of Guam, which is 3miles away from the equator. For some reason, there are times when Texas heat does get to me, it can be 100 degrees hot here.
My dear friend from Guam, Bob is replacing my compressor. Thank you Mr. Mechanic. I hope to take long drives around town now. No more
9am - 12pm errands, to beat the high temps. I can now, sleep in, enjoy a soap opera and then head out with my sunshine Rei. Once again, thank you Mr. Mechanic Galarpe.
Summer,of "Loving Each Day" I will be stopping by so our precious little ones can play.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A day trip to Houston

G. L. A. M. O. R. O. U. S...(glamorous) Flying first class up in the sky...
My Sunshine Rei and I flew first class to Houston, a whole thirty seven minute flight from our home in San Antonio...not a big deal.

Yes, we sat in first class, the lovely perks of working in the airline industry. My worries, Danica wasn't going to behave well. Surprisingly, she knocked out for the duration of the flight the whole thirty seven minute flight.

Once we landed super mom had Danica in a hip hammock, hanging freely from my hip, a full diaper bag on one shoulder and the car seat in my hand, wish i had taken a picture of myself. Trotting down the terminal to meet our Chauffeur, nephew Mikey, I thought to myself, "what are you doing wearing heels?" We hopped into the car and we were on our way to see the family.

Rehanna was awake to greet us. Danica and Hanna played til Ryland, the littliest terror woke up. That little terror nephew of mine was so aggressive with his cousin Danica. She kept running away from him. It was just so cute.
As we prepared the food for the party the kids played. My sunshine and her cousin, the little terror Ryland played together nicely, when they play together one ends up crying.

Afterwards, they knocked out.

Then, somebody ugly came to check on them. Ugly, is my baby brother Roland. Danica will refer to him as "uncle monster".

Back to the food, my nephew Mikey made some of this...

spicy sushi. was ONO. More at the table, pogogi short ribs, red rice and more. I love Island cooking. It fills me up. Danica loves Chamorro and Asian cuisine. Especially chamorro red rice.

The rain rolled in at the cooks got rained out.

Inside we stayed, to sing happy birthday to Rehanna, and took family photo's.

Our day trip was now coming to an end.

On the aircraft we got a whole row to ourselves...
the three of us each had a seat.
First sunshine Rei had to inspect the aircraft...checking the windows...look at those curls. she made sure her baby Simone Raina(cabbage patch doll) was securely fastened. The three of us each had a seat...Mommy, sunshine Rei and Simone all had a seat.
As you can see, we enjoyed our day, and our flight home. Danica and her baby Simone were well behaved on the plane.

Remember, in the beginning of this post...I wondered why I was wearing heels...My legs are aching the day after. hehe.

To hear Rehanna's Blurbs, read my post following this.
Technorati Profile

Rehanna's blurbs and pictures.

mikey is a mush...

Mikey is not her favorite cousin.

singing "happy birthday."

question for Hanna and Mikey is not her favorite cousin.

Hanna's fourth b-day...she's so cute and the funniest things come out of her mouth.
I'm sure the family will laugh. She has a signature pose when it comes to taking pictures....

The little terror Ryland, her baby brother is this short, fat, curly head boy...

who made his big sister cry on her birthday.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Goof ball Family

The past week and have been filled with days at work and nights with my little sunshine, some nights were great and others were indeed tiring. Today was a GREAT day. We started early. I was able to do my errands and still have a HAPPY a little girl in tow.
We enjoyed lunch with nino Roger and uncle Richie. Danica had great time playing with the ball in nino's backyard and she got to watch her nino (god father) be a goofball on the swing. No pictures taken only because my camera was not charged. Uncle Richie took about two pictures and his camera went dead. Oh well, I'm sure she will have another photo day with them soon.
Daddy was at home waiting on us, once she saw him, she lit up. Her and daddy were being goof balls. We just spent the day with nino goof ball and now we were at home with daddy the goof ball...too many goof balls in one day. I love them both so, it's okay. The more goof balls, the merrier. Back to daddy, the goof ball...he and danica were having too much fun...

this is my family...daddy, the big goof ball and sunshine Danica Rei, my little goof ball, and yes I truly love my goof ball family. By the way, they're wearing shorts on their heads.
We headed to Chuckee Cheese...Rei and Chuckee had a dance off. You be the judge but, I know Rei kicked butt. She showed Chuckee she could dance.

and she played too.
Now it was time to go home...and here is she once she settled in....
sound asleep from such a busy day.
The other night, I was able to capture this on video. I thought it was too cute.

oh, and this picture... Looks just like her daddy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday May 13th, 2009

It all started with my Sunshine Rei and I waking early in the morning, 6:58am~too early. Danica Rei was all but smiles and laughter, Sunshine Rei. On my days off we just sit in bed for just a while and watch her cartoons, Imagination Movers and The Wiggles. We snuggled and I was able to kiss on her neck.
She had a doctors appointment today. She's been dealing with this sensitive spot on her chin. Teething, has her drooling and the moisture just make that cute chin of hers raw. It got infected so she has to be on antibiotics and a steroid cream. Hopefully, this will all pass.
Today is her daddy's birthday. No pictures and no celebration. Just awful. We are saving the celebration for the weekend. I sang happy birthday to her daddy, and she clapped along saying Daddy, daddy, daddy.
In all it has been a wonderful Wednesday.
Tomorrow it's back to routine, another long week ahead of us. I remember when I used to take long showers. I remember when I used to sleep in or go to bed late. No routine whatsoever, Now things have to be done in routine....timing is everything now. Life has changed and I must say, I love the fact that it has. I walk around with a bundle of joy trailing right behind me, or most time attached to my hip.She is my Sunshine Rei (ray).

Friday, May 8, 2009

Salutation to my mom, Rosario

I won't send my mother a card for Mothers Day. For the simple fact that I'm not good at putting a postage stamp on the envelope and getting it off in the mail so that she can receive it on that special day, Mothers Day. I do write this as a tribute to my mother. I only hope that when she reads this, she laughs a little and be touched of what she is about to read.

Dear Mom,
There is no need to send you a Mothers Day card, only because it will remain in between the pages of a book, or it will remain in the glove compartment of my car. Any idea of who I get this from, yes mom, YOU:)

Dear Mom,
I never knew the importance of a parent, til I became one. I now understand how much you love me. The many times you sat by me, in the emergency room because of my heart condition and asthma, I now know how your heart ached seeing me there on a hospital bed. I now know what it feels like to be a helpless parent, watching your child endure immeasurable pain.

Dear Mom,
I now know, tough love is REAL LOVE. I once knew of a "problem child" who gave her parents grief. She skipped school continuously and her mother decided to see that her child made it to every class. If it meant going to school with her and sitting with her in every class, she did exactly that. She even sat with her "problem child" in detention. What mother would do such a thing....YOU. That's true and yet tough love.

Dear Mom,
I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for yours and daddy's tough discipline and love, oh how I wish I could go back in time to erase my mistakes and be a better daughter to you and daddy. To make you laugh...of all six children, I had to take the demon seed from each of them. You have five good kids and one problem child, and the problem child had to be me. I am so sorry for breaking your heart.

Dear Mom
I am now a Mother, a mother who now understands everything you've done for me. As a mother, I now understand how much you love me. I love you Mom and Happy Mothers Day.

I miss you.

Danica's video montage

Here are a few video clips of our daughter. I'm sure family and friends will enjoy these....her first video she is titled "cheeese"

here's one as she talks to her daddy on the phone. He stands outside.

and this is my child being crazy.

There are so many video clips that I would like to post but as of right now i will let you enjoy just a few.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Today I think mostly of how I got here, the steps I had to take. The guidance and advice from my mom and dad. With all my steps taken, I'm now here, a mother living in the reality of raising my own child. Could anything be better than this? No way. There is a sense of joy and love once you become a parent. My mother in-law once said,"you can feel yourself smile from the inside and out." She couldn't have said it any better, I can honestly feel myself "smile from the inside and out". Every time I think of Danica, I smile, it touches my soul. Having a child changes a persons' life forever, for the better. Things you thought you couldn't ever do, you can! There is such a powerful force around me that motivates me DO and to CONQUER. It basically comes down to Danica, my MUSE. Because of her I'm able to make a path where she will follow in my steps...To DO and to Conquer...what does this all mean...soon, I promise, you'll see...

May 1st...Danica is 19months old. Wow, time flies. Could you believe this little girl with asthma has so much life in her. She is the most joyful baby I know. Never a dull moment for her~she's exquisite.

She makes my spirit whole.

pictures posted are just for you to see how much she has grown.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 25th - April 30th

What an eventful week. A week filled with nothing but fun. Danica got bangs trimmed for the first time. How adorable she is.

She got to go to Chuckee Cheese. She enjoyed her time sitting right beside Chuckee Cheese. She enjoyed being part of the game. She climbs on everything. She sat next to Cristian and did not enjoy the ride she was on.

Then came all the concern on swine flu . Mike and I decided to take extra measures, being sure that Danica is not exposed to the, we decided the best thing for her is to lock her up

just kidding, there is no way in hell we would do such a thing. She was free to roam the apartment grounds, play in the dirt and run around for a bit. Afterwards, it was back to her cell.again, i'm only joking. Though, she expressed signs of cabin fever, she was indeed fine. She was my little helper. Helping her mom put away the dishes.and helping me with the clothes. She loves to help out.
The wonderful blessing, a child to care and love is everything AMAZING. The journey as a parent is only the beginning to many BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS TO CHERISH FOREVER.