Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Love Letters"

On the day that I found out I was pregnant, I rushed to a store to pick up a journal. I recorded the many ups and downs of my pregnancy. This journal soon turned into "Love Letters" for Danica. Letters to let her know how much love mommy has for her. Letters to let her know when daddy pissed off mommy. Letters that let her know how much I think about her. Wonderful memories at every age, every milestone or just letters from when I felt it was time to write to my little sunshine Rei.

Have you ever watched "A Walk to Remember"? well, her mother left her a book/journal of famous quotes, poems, and letters. I believe it is important to do something like for your child/children. I know, first hand, it may be a hard task due to time constraints, but when you have the time, write your child a letter let him/her know how much you care. Write about anything & everything. I feel that once I leave this world, Danica would be left with my words and she can embrace knowing that I have always thought about her.

This journal of "Love Letters" is so important to me. Last year August when we moved, I couldn't find my journal, I cried for days, three days to be exact. Nothing in that journal could be replaced. All my thoughts, Danica will never know what it was like tocarry her in my tummy. I was devastated and furious at my husband. I had thought he threw it away. The day I found it, I jumped with joy and I was relieved to know it was kept in a safe place.

The other day, I perused through my journal, and laughed and cried and cried again. All so meaningful to me and hopefully one day Danica will laugh and cry at all the things her mommy has written to her and of her.

It is now time to go out and find another journal.

more on Love Letters to be posted at another time.