Thursday, April 9, 2009

In the hospital

On on the morning of March 25th Danica and I woke up early around 5am early...laying beside me was my little love bug, Danica. I could hear her, a congestion, a gurgle in her chest. The day before she was outside playing, and came in with a runny nose, I thought to myself it was just a common cold. On Tuesday March 25th , when I woke up I decided to give to give her a nebuelizer treatment, in the past this has helped, she sounded better and definitely showed no signs of being ill. I dropped her to the sitters and I headed off to work.
Around 10am Shawna(sitter) called me to let me know that Danica wasn't happy, and that she just wanted to be carried. We just assumed her teeth were bothering her and Shawna gave her Tylenol. Another call around 10am, her breathing didn't sound normal, but she was out and about running around playing with Casen(sitter's son). I didn't think anything of it, and said maybe it's just allergies. Twenty to thirty minutes passed, Shawna called again...I heard Danica in the background...WTF! her breathing was labored. Oh my, I freaked! I needed to get to her...called my husband to make him aware...called her pediatrician, an appointment was set for later in the day 230pm. I manage to leave work early, and once I got there my tears came in such a daughter wasn't doing well at all. Shawna apologized, I couldn't blame her, she was not at fault. We left, she had an appointment set at 230pm with her doctor, screw that! I was taking her to the E.R. on my way there I would check on her, she was asleep but gasping for air, her lips turning blue, I kept crying telling her it will be ok, you could hear the wheeze, so strong, so loud. Is she going to make it? We got to the E.R. and of course she had to be processed...i was pissed! so I signed paper, and rudely said to the front desk personnel, get her a nurse, she can't breathe!
Thankfully, a nurse...oxygen stats real low 70-85....she was rushed to a room, doctor treated her on the spot...treatments after treatment. It seemed as Danica responded well to the treatment, and was told she'll be instinct was telling me otherwise. Minutes had passed and I heard the wheeze, Danica once again trying to breathe. I called the nurses station, nurse checked
her oxygen stats...real low, she was given oxygen and another treatment. I was told she was being admitted. I'd rather she be here, in the hospital where she can be cared for, it was a good thing.
Later in the evening an I.V. was inserted, she didn't like it at all, but once it was done she was fine. My little girl enduring so much pain while daddy and mommy were helpless. How is this fair? We couldn't protect her from all this pain. The doctor came in and checked her ask questions...the question about asthma, well it was easy. I have asthma. I grew up with this disease, all my teenage life i was a pin cushion...I was educated enough to be aware of what has now stricken my daughter. Doctor gave me praise for my awareness on asthma, and informed me, not many mothers know about respiratory illness, sometimes it can be fatal if not treated right away.
The next day, she was doing a lot better. Her Nino(god father) Roger came by to visit with her, all day, and had taken her to play. It was a challenge to tend to her needs, having an IV line attached was no fun, having to see your daughter run with the IV line attached.It was funny to see Nino right behind her catching her before she fell, and Uncle Ritchie pushing the IV pole right behind them. It sure was a work out for them. Later on, the nurse took her for a ride in the buggy, then returned my girl to me with a band wrapped around her ankle "High Risk, she Climbs, and Falls." That was an indication Danica Rei was back to her normal self.
nino chasing lovebug*

*the buggy she jumped out of.