Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Goof ball Family

The past week and have been filled with days at work and nights with my little sunshine, some nights were great and others were indeed tiring. Today was a GREAT day. We started early. I was able to do my errands and still have a HAPPY a little girl in tow.
We enjoyed lunch with nino Roger and uncle Richie. Danica had great time playing with the ball in nino's backyard and she got to watch her nino (god father) be a goofball on the swing. No pictures taken only because my camera was not charged. Uncle Richie took about two pictures and his camera went dead. Oh well, I'm sure she will have another photo day with them soon.
Daddy was at home waiting on us, once she saw him, she lit up. Her and daddy were being goof balls. We just spent the day with nino goof ball and now we were at home with daddy the goof ball...too many goof balls in one day. I love them both so, it's okay. The more goof balls, the merrier. Back to daddy, the goof ball...he and danica were having too much fun...

this is my family...daddy, the big goof ball and sunshine Danica Rei, my little goof ball, and yes I truly love my goof ball family. By the way, they're wearing shorts on their heads.
We headed to Chuckee Cheese...Rei and Chuckee had a dance off. You be the judge but, I know Rei kicked butt. She showed Chuckee she could dance.

and she played too.
Now it was time to go home...and here is she once she settled in....
sound asleep from such a busy day.
The other night, I was able to capture this on video. I thought it was too cute.

oh, and this picture... Looks just like her daddy.

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  1. LOL! I used to give up with that bopping game, too! She's smart not to waste her energy on it! Just walk away, baby girl! Walk away! ;-)