Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Dad, Ricardo M. Guzman

Today is Fathers Day, not really. On the island of Guam my dad's special day was yesterday, which makes me a day late. Oh well, I'm sure he can forgive his FAVORITE DAUGHTER, for being a day late. Really, dad if you think about it, here in the "mainland" it's Fathers Day too.

So, here is my Salutation to my wonderful Father.

Dear Dad,
You are an absolute wonderful DAD. I remember the wonderful times we shared as a family. Here is what I remember as a ten year old INNOCENT girl.
*The famous Island of Guam power outages ~ we all sat around with the kerosene lanterns and would play spades or twenty one. You would pass your quarters to Roland and me when we ran out, from losing to the older siblings:)

*You bought batteries so we could listen to the radio and during the famous power outages, you taught me how to dance the waltz. "Step on my feet and I'll show you". Every time I find myself doing the Waltz, I think of you daddy.

*One morning after you and mom came home from the flea market you woke Roland and me up with a surprise. A puppy licking our faces. That was such a wonderful gift.

*I remember me, the innocent one, giving my daddy kisses right before I went to sleep.

Dear Dad,
What ever happened to that innocent child who use to give you kisses right before she went to sleep. I wonder. As I got older I know I caused you and mom grief. I wish I could take it all back and be that perfect daughter. Though, through your tough love I am here, doing fine and living well. I am strong because of you.

Dear Dad,
All the memories on the ranch. The corn fields the mango trees and harvesting for dago every weekend was indeed torture to me. Now, as I look back, it was definitely my finest times. Once I moved on my own, I remember having to shop for my own groceries. Dad the prices for banana's, corn all the stuff I wanted to eat, I had to pay for. I was upset because if I was home all I'd do was go outside and pick all the good stuff we had on the ranch. I definitely appreciate everything I am missing back home.
Working for the airlines I would hear people around me "I wish I lived on a Paradise Island". I would always tell people, my yard, my home on Guam is Paradise. Soon I was showing off pictures of your paradise fortress and people would say how lucky I was. Man, they were right. Growing up I always took things for granted and now I appreciate it all. You gave us such a beautiful environment to grow up in, I just wish I appreciated more back then.

Dear Dad,
I know things are hard since you've fell ill. You're not the strong man you use to be. You're not able to walk out into your paradise and work on your flowers like you use to. I know it saddens you but remember to keep your stubborn spirit alive. I miss and love you my dear strict daddy.

I know I owe you money, but like I said, Mom owes you more:)

Happy Father's Day to the best Dad there is, YOU!

Your granddaughter Danica has a grandpa salute to you...

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