Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ma maw and mommy's little girl.

Today my Danica Rei is 22months old. What a joy she is. She has added more words to her vocabulary. I just enjoy hearing her speak. Especially when she tells me "no mom, I go outside".

We have been a busy family, the three of us. Mike's keeping up with his grueling schedule and making sure he spends time with his little love bug. I manage to do the same, though my work schedule is not so grueling like his. Danica keeps us on our toes, what else can we ask of our happy 22 month old?

Danica and I flew to Louisville Kentucky on Tuesday July 28th, and I have to say it was an awful flight because of a nasty, mean flight attendant. I shall not say more because it's against company policy to blog about your job, in detail. It was the trip from hell (Houston to Louisville). Uncle TJ picked us up and we drove two hours to Evansville,Indiana. Danica didn't mind the drive at all. She sat comfortably in her seat and fell asleep, she needed it.

We arrived at Ma maw's front door, and Danica was so excited to see her Ma maw. The smile on Danica's face was priceless. Danica was running back and forth through the house and playing with Ma maw's printer. Danica got a kick out of it.

We made our way to Dinner, Ma maw and Danica sat in the back and enjoyed each others company. Danica was talking to her Ma maw throughout the drive. Amazingly at dinner, in a restaurant my daughter was well behaved. I was very proud of her. We finished our dinner and Danica and I made our way out. Once we were out the doors, she stopped and looked up at me, with a concerned look on her face, said "Ma maw, my Ma maw?", pointing to the closed door, she headed back, first looking through the glass doors, then reaching with both hands onto the handles and pulling herself up...screaming "MAAA MAW!" I could not believe what she was doing. This would of been a great picture but I grabbed the camera out to late. We headed to the pond near the restaurant and Danica and Ma maw fed the ducks. Our 21 month old was truly enjoying every moment with Ma maw.

That night Danica explored the house and found Ma maw's ceiling fan to be exciting. I love this video clip.

She got to meet Uncle Jeff, ma maw's brother and enjoyed bubble time together.

Ma maw and Great Uncle Jeff got the share "jump time" with Danica.

Uncle Tj, Uncle James and Billie got to hang out with Danica for a little bit.

We ate at Red Lobster and my love bug and I got the chance to have our pictures taken together.

Our last night in Evansville, Danica got to play with her bubbles. She really loves bubbles.

The next morning, as we prepared for our two hour drive to Louisville Kentucky, Danica our 22 month old child decided that she was 18 years old and hopped into the driver seat.

I'm sure Ma maw enjoyed having Danica around as her belated birthday gift.
I spent my birthday with my well behaved traveling partner, we got home late due to weather delays. Regardless of how late it was Danica sure was a trooper when it came to traveling with her mom.


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